Microcement – concrete effect


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Microcement is a special cement mixture for everyone looking for seamless finishing floors without structural dilatation joints , walls or ceilings..

It might be applied on cement grout, ceramic tiles, OSB boards, etc.

It is an innovative product suitable for all kind of environments.

It quickly covers unsightly joints and fissures and offers a stylish and practical solution to transforming large surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, counters, showers, wet rooms and swimming pools. Micro-cement was created in response to the needs of those who do not like joints.

It allows the realization of seamless internal and external surfaces without.

Thanks to its extraordinary properties, Micro-cement Life is not only an ideal solution for flooring but it is also suitable for coating surfaces such as counter-tops, staircases, shower enclosures.

Variety of colours. It can be applied on: Floors in flats, restaurants, offices, hair dressers, etc.,

Ceilings with seamless faux concrete finish Thanks to its water resistance – high impermeability to liquids and vapor – it is suitable for bathrooms and showers

Walls in flats and houses Stylish finishing of furniture and kitchen counter tops.


We produce unique decorative coatings for walls and floors. Our products have been tested in various climatic conditions in modern and classic interiors. Cameleo Deco Coatings can be used in various effects, shades, textures or colors, mainly by professionals, as well as the DIY market. They can be used instead of paint, wallpaper, tiles and other coatings. Cameleo produces 30 different decorative systems for walls, ceilings, facades and floors as well. Until today, Cameleo Deco Coatings have covered several million square meters of decorations and mean a lot of satisfied clients.




10m2, 24m2, 100m2

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