Cameleo – plasters, decorative coatings, structural paints

Cameleo is a family business, that professionally manufactures decorative coats and paints for walls and ceilings​ and floors​. ​We started in 2000 in Chicago IL as a painting company and relocated to Srem , Greater Poland Region in Poland in 2002. ​

We distribute our Cameleo brand​ed​products worldwide​ ​in selected countries in Europe , Africa , CIS countries, Russia, China , Taiwan , India and Indonesia. ​ We are a group of perfectionists who take pride in their work. Our products can be used in place of paint, wallpaper and almost anything else as a finish.

Cameleo deco coatings can be applied in various sheen, texture or color, by professionals and the DIY market. There are ​couple ​millions of square meters of walls and ceilings surrounding millions of people.

Wall Systems

Wall Systems

Floor Systems

Floor Systems

Tinting Methods

Tinting Methods

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Concrete effect

Compare 210.00

Pearl stucco

Compare 134.80974.55

Venetian stucco

Compare 168.621,049.01

Manhattan light

Compare 185.16655.27

Manhattan dark

Compare 194.28800.72

Patina effect

Compare 232.652,631.83

Rust effect

Compare 277.271,809.05

Travertine rough

Compare 173.651,279.64

Travertine classic

Compare 220.911,251.06


Compare 220.911,251.06
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